Love Song

I wrote a love song
Cos you’re so loveable
I carried a watermelon
I wanna be vulnerable

I will not go to bars
Or jump in stranger’s cars
Or mine sweep for wines and lines on lines on lines on lines
It’s not about the sex and sex and sex and sex and sex
I wanna be your best ever friend forever best friend

This modern love

I fucking love ya
I really love ya
Look at the card I bought
It says I love ya

You try and try and try and try to make me change
And I pray and pray and hope and pray and I pray you’ll stay the same
And I wish and I wish and I wish you’ll always stay
So I push and I push and I push you away

This modern love

You give me power
You give me power
You’re like a gun
Or a knife be my wife

love song

Note about Love Song's song

In 2018, “IDLES” released “LOVE SONG” from their album “Joy as an Act of Resistance.” It was launched and quickly rose to prominence as one of the most popular tunes.
Because there is no separate music video for this song, we are sharing the lyrics video with the song lyrics.

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